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Health, Food Mathew Bate
Is Weed the New Kale?

Since the federal government approved the manufacture of hemp seed for human consumption last November, Australian interest is high. According to one young Tasmanian hemp seed farmer and aspiring health entrepreneur, we should be utilising the ancient, medicinal properties of the hemp plant, not simply adding it to our granola.

Words by Melissa Howard

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Technology, Food Mathew Bate
BlockGrain: How Blockchain Is Helping Farmers

According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, roughly 30% of the food produced for human consumption every year is lost or wasted. A team of Australians have developed an app to clean up the inefficiencies that are leading to all of this waste. Sam Webb, BlockGrain’s COO, talks to us about how they hope to completely revolutionise the movement of commodities around the world using blockchain technology.

Interview by Mathew Bate

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Food, Environment Mathew Bate
Indigenous Foods: Swallowing Our History

Being able to learn from and understand Aboriginal culture, as well as process Australia’s unpalatable history, should come way before you learn how to correctly peel a bunya nut. “You can’t eat our food if you can’t swallow our history,” said Bruce at this year’s urban agriculture conference in Melbourne.

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Food, Design Nikki Stefanoff
Anna Glansén: The Future of Biodegradable Food Packaging

Food has become the new frontier for the convergence between emerging technology and sustainability. For Anna Glansén, one half of Swedish design studio Tomorrow Machine, this means innovating new ways to present and package food. From a smoothie container made from seaweed to a self cleaning bowl made with nothing but cellulose, Anna is pioneering the future of sustainable food packaging.

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Food, Environment Lisa Cugnetto
Nemo’s Garden: Taking Farming Underwater

The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organisation estimates that, by 2050, the world will need 50 per cent more food, feed and biofuel to sustain agriculture for a projected global population of 9.73 billion. As global initiatives attempt to tackle this predicted food crisis, one family have taken matters into their own hands and looked to the ocean for answers.

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Food, Environment Samantha Allemann
Ethical Protein: Does It Exist?

For the environmentally conscious among us eating meat often brings with it a side dish of ethical dilemma. As the consequences of being a carnivore become more apparent there are those who are trying alternative sources of protein in the form of insects and roadkill. Yes, roadkill.

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