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Technology, Food Mathew Bate
BlockGrain: How Blockchain Is Helping Farmers

According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, roughly 30% of the food produced for human consumption every year is lost or wasted. A team of Australians have developed an app to clean up the inefficiencies that are leading to all of this waste. Sam Webb, BlockGrain’s COO, talks to us about how they hope to completely revolutionise the movement of commodities around the world using blockchain technology.

Interview by Mathew Bate

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Technology, Health Mathew Bate
Dr. Gopi Krishna Vijaya: Morals & Technology

Earlier this year we caught up with Dr. Gopi Krishna Vijaya. He holds a PhD in physics and has devoted most of his life to the relationship between humans and the development of technology. He had just flown over from the US to run the Moral Technologies Forum (organised by Seed Australia) in Melbourne on morals, technology and how to be a good human in our digital era. Covering the historical development of technology, the way we think and modern education, Dr. Gopi Krishna Vijaya discusses the intrapersonal relationship between humans and the technologies that we have created.

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Lucy McRae: Body Architect

Lucy McRae is fascinated about the relationship between humans and technology and through her art, filmmaking and work with institutions like NASA and MIT explores how science is slowly reconstructing our body and what that means for our future existence. 

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Design, Technology Nikki Stefanoff
Indigenous Design for the New World

As technology continues to push us ever forward, it’s easy to forget that past journeys of discovery were once slower and without answers – asking questions was all part of the process. Angie Abdilla is a Trawlwoolway woman and founder and CEO of Old Ways, New, a research and technology design consultancy, who thinks this old way of doing things can be used to develop new technology. 

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