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Technology, Design Mathew Bate
Charities Might Need to Fail

Charities continue to face challenges in their fundraising efforts meaning innovation – which involves trial and error – often falls to the bottom of the priority list. But as issues in our world rapidly change, embracing failure as a virtue of innovation is more important than ever.

Words by Samantha Howard

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Design, Impact Mathew Bate
Women In Design That WORKAROUND

Defined as a method for overcoming a problem or limitation in a program or system, the term ‘workaround’ generally implies action taken to effect change. But for the curators behind the new WORKAROUND - Women Design Action exhibition at RMIT Design Hub, the practice of a workaround is much more; it is the advocacy and activism tactics of a burgeoning movement of women within the fields of architecture and design.

Words by Melia Rayner

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Environment, Design Mathew Bate
Garments For The Grave

Death. It’s a sensitive topic that often gets locked inside a box and buried underground. Dr. Pia Interlandi’s practice, ‘Garments For The Grave’, uses clothing as a tool to lift the taboo surrounding death. The designer works with terminally ill and dying clients to create biodegradable clothing which they are laid to rest in.

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Design, Business Lisa Cugnetto
Don't Sell Me Gender

The future is not female. The near future, yes. But ultimately, we hope, the future is gender parity - an equitable existence amongst all people. Social movements that strive for gender equality and female empowerment are crucial to achieving this. But there’s another piece to the parity puzzle that has the power to effect massive social change. It’s advertising.

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Food, Design Nikki Stefanoff
Anna Glansén: The Future of Biodegradable Food Packaging

Food has become the new frontier for the convergence between emerging technology and sustainability. For Anna Glansén, one half of Swedish design studio Tomorrow Machine, this means innovating new ways to present and package food. From a smoothie container made from seaweed to a self cleaning bowl made with nothing but cellulose, Anna is pioneering the future of sustainable food packaging.

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