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Health, Food Mathew Bate
Is Weed the New Kale?

Since the federal government approved the manufacture of hemp seed for human consumption last November, Australian interest is high. According to one young Tasmanian hemp seed farmer and aspiring health entrepreneur, we should be utilising the ancient, medicinal properties of the hemp plant, not simply adding it to our granola.

Words by Melissa Howard

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Environment, Health Mathew Bate
Bea Johnson: The Zero Waste Lifestyle

Bea Johnson is the fairy godmother of the modern zero waste movement; for the past several years her family’s entire yearly waste has fitted in a small glass jar. Her seminal book, ‘Zero Waste Home’, published in 2013, has inspired millions of people around the world to minimise their waste and is now printed in over 20 different languages. The Source Bulk Foods recently brought Bea out to Australia for a week of talks and presentations. She managed to speak to us just before she was due on stage about how zero waste works and how it’s given her a new sense of abundance, harmony and happiness.

Interview by Mathew Bate

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Technology, Health Mathew Bate
Dr. Gopi Krishna Vijaya: Morals & Technology

Earlier this year we caught up with Dr. Gopi Krishna Vijaya. He holds a PhD in physics and has devoted most of his life to the relationship between humans and the development of technology. He had just flown over from the US to run the Moral Technologies Forum (organised by Seed Australia) in Melbourne on morals, technology and how to be a good human in our digital era. Covering the historical development of technology, the way we think and modern education, Dr. Gopi Krishna Vijaya discusses the intrapersonal relationship between humans and the technologies that we have created.

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