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Arts, Food Mathew Bate
National Geographic: From Farm to Fork

In response to the expanding rift between us and the food that we eat (or throw away), National Geographic mentored thirteen young adults to capture the complexities of Melbourne’s dynamic food system.

National Geographic Photo Camp in collaboration with the Sandro Demaio Foundation

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Arts, Health Lisa Cugnetto
Art with Heart: Open Canvas

Walking to work one morning, Daniel Rath saw a homeless man painting. Interested in his work, he struck up a conversation with the man about his art and life. That brief encounter inspired Rath to establish Open Canvas, a social enterprise that empowers artists who've experienced homelessness, a disability, or other adversity to exhibit and sell their artwork and art-related merchandise.

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Lucy McRae: Body Architect

Lucy McRae is fascinated about the relationship between humans and technology and through her art, filmmaking and work with institutions like NASA and MIT explores how science is slowly reconstructing our body and what that means for our future existence. 

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Arts, Design Nikki Stefanoff
100 Story Building: Early Harvest

Nestled behind the doors of an ordinary building in the heart of Footscray sits a world of wonder. Think a trap door leading to 99 levels below ground, secret bookshelves, a time machine and an eager gaggle of volunteers waiting to support and engage children in all things literacy.  All that’s required is that you leave reality at the door. 

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