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Health, Food Mathew Bate
Is Weed the New Kale?

Since the federal government approved the manufacture of hemp seed for human consumption last November, Australian interest is high. According to one young Tasmanian hemp seed farmer and aspiring health entrepreneur, we should be utilising the ancient, medicinal properties of the hemp plant, not simply adding it to our granola.

Words by Melissa Howard

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Impact, Business Mathew Bate
Equity Crowdfunding: Buying into the Brands You Believe in

If you had the opportunity to invest in a brand you believe in, how much money would you be prepared to invest? Equity crowdfunding has helped early stage ventures across the world draw on their core community to raise capital, but was only legalised in Australia earlier this year. We talk to some of the individuals leading the charge forward for the Australian capital market.

Words by Melia Rayner

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