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Testing Grounds: Jaffle Symposium

  • Testing Grounds 1 City Road Southbank, VIC, 3006 Australia (map)

A series of conversations about how cities, both as infrastructure and embodiments of ideals, might promote or hinder civic agency. While cooking jaffles around a fire in the middle of the city…

What are we allowed to do in public space? How do we comply, challenge or break these rules? How do we even know the rules? Is there a permit for this fire? Who approved this?

There will be four FREE conversations that bring together fascinating guest speakers: artist and curator David Cross; curator and artist Lynda Roberts; creative producer Jedda Andrews and artist Ian Strange; live-art collective Field Theory.

The first lecture will be held on July 7th by David Cross. See below for further details.

Working across performance, installation, video and photography, Cross has focused on the relationship between pleasure, the grotesque and the phobic. His small to large-scale performance/installation work has sought to incorporate and extend contemporary thinking in relation to participation. Often using the body as a starting point, he employs a range of objects- many inflatable- to draw audiences in to unexpected situations and dialogues.

For the full schedule click HERE.